What Does it Mean to Pin Comments on Instagram?

In early July of 2020, Instagram announced they were rolling out pinning comments. You might have noticed these little pins ๐Ÿ“Œ pop up on the gram, but do you know what it actually means and what the purpose of using a pin is? Instagram says they allow you to pin up to 3 comments so you can better manage the conversation. It works similar to how you can pin posts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube but let’s jump in and examine what it means exactly.

How Do Hashtags Work on Social Media?

Hashtags are now used so often throughout social media that itโ€™s hard to know exactly how to use them. Each social media platform uses hashtags differently and if you know how to use them properly you could result in an extensive reach.

Should you mention COVID-19 in Marketing communications?

Everyone around the world has been affected in some way by the coronavirus. If you open your phone to the news app, social media, your email, or literally anywhere else and scroll- it’s right there. Talking about COVID-19 in marketing communications can be tricky. It’s important to acknowledge the struggle and the current state ofContinue reading “Should you mention COVID-19 in Marketing communications?”