Social Media

Social media is a space to connect with your audience and share relevant, relatable, eye-catching content


Content Creation

Content creation is the first and arguably most important step to optimizing your social media presence. I’ll work with your business to create all content for your social media pages. Content will be unique and on-brand. I’ll craft hashtags and text to catch attention and designing eye-catching images, videos, and animations for your feed. I can also help with setting up accounts, going LIVE, engaging with customers/ other accounts, and more. Platforms I have worked on extensively include:

  • LinkedIn*
  • Facebook*
  • Instagram*
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

*starred platforms are ones I have experience with advertising

Custom Instagram Story

Post Scheduling

Having a social media calendar can be a game changer. It helps to line up all marketing efforts for the business and gives you room to plan ahead and build in on the spot marketing.

I will work with you to create a calendar that gives you enough content to fill your feed that is not overwhelming to your followers. All content will then be scheduled on Hootsuite or Buffer so we never miss a post!

Benefits of scheduling posts:

  • Have an overview of all content you’re posting
  • Stay consistent in content week over week
  • Never miss posting or go too long without content
  • The whole team is on the same page
  • Content can be adjusted for platform and scheduled to go live at the same time

Social Media Analytics

Having great social media content and engagement go hand in hand. Want to step it up a notch and dive into analytics? I can help! I’ll help you pinpoint what metrics are important for your business and measure them on a monthly basis.

Knowing what time of day / day of the week to post can be extremely beneficial when planning content and seeing which posts didn’t get much engagement can help you alter your strategy going forward.

I can help you track:

  • Likes / Followers
  • Engagement & reach
  • Page views
  • Total number of posts month/month
  • Followers active times & days
  • Top performing posts
  • Bottom performing posts

This can be done monthly, quarterly, and/or annually for an in-depth look into social media performance.

“Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.”

— Mark Zuckerberg

Want help with your social media? I’d love to chat!

Victoria Zelefsky
Baltimore, Maryland

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