With blogging you can establish yourself as a subject-matter expert, offer amazing resources, or simply tell a compelling story


Be the expert

Many businesses use their blog as a way to establish themselves in their fields as the expert. I’ll take webinars, videos, brochures and any other resources you have and combine them with extensive research to develop expert level blogs. Between 1,000-1,500 words these blogs are substantial and will greatly help with website SEO.

Some great examples of expert blogs:

  • Subject-matter expert
  • Use science and research to explain important topics
  • Define trends for your industry
  • Explain key terms for your business
  • Go in-depth on current affairs
  • Expand on customer FAQ’s

Be a resource

Does your target market come to you for advice? Would it be helpful to have it all in one place and refer them to your blogs? Adding blogs that are resources to your page both helps your SEO and allows you to stand out from the competition. Tell me what your clients biggest questions are and I’ll do the rest!

Some great examples of resource blogs:

  • COVID-19/ current event resources all in one
  • Compile a list of the best podcasts for your industry
  • “How To” guides for insider info
  • Interviews with a subject matter expert
  • Historical data combined
  • Main industry hiccups explained
  • Glossary of terms defined for your business

Tell a story

One of the greatest things about a blog is that you can be personal. In a digital age, human connection is even more important. Tell me your story and I’ll help you define your voice and turn it into a compelling blog your readers will love.

Some great examples of story blogs

  • Testimonials and reviews
  • An experience you had
  • Guides to places you’ve been based on personal experience
  • Lists or in-depth guides to something you’ve learned
  • Before & after experience for your business
  • Interviews with clients and/or co-workers
  • Meet the team/ creative team introduction

Marketing is telling the world that you are a rock-star. Content marketing is showing the world that you are one.

— Robert Rose

Want help telling your story & creating awesome blogs? I can help!

Victoria Zelefsky
Baltimore, Maryland

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