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Work with Victoria, an expert in social media, brand development, content creation, blogging, email marketing, SEO-optimization, & more.

Social Media

Looking to take your social media to the next level? I’ll carefully create content, scheduled it in advance, and engage with your audience to help blow up your online presence. Experience in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & more.

Brand Identity

Whether you need full research into a start up idea or a re-development of existing brand design and elements, I’ll work directly with you to bring your vision to life. Benefit from logo design, one sheet business review creation, keyword research, and more to kick your brand up a notch.


Tell me your story or give me a topic to research and I’ll help you transform it for readers across the web. I write SEO-optimized blogs, with keywords in mind, and high readability scores to keep your readers engaged and interested. 

“Victoria is great with content writing, research, creating organized and visually appealing presentations, and more. Great communication, and I have had very little changes to request. Definitely looking forward to more work together in the future when needed.”

Dale Shadbegian, CEO, Cape Plymouth Business

The keys to a successful marketing campaign are identifying your target market, and setting up a fully developed marketing plan.

Blogging, social media, marketing materials, emails, and digital advertising are all important components to your plan that Victoria can help you master.

About Victoria

Victoria is a marketing professional specializing in social media content creation, brand development, digital advertising, blogging, SEO-optimization.

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COVID-19 forced our world to go into hibernation overnight. Without the ability to go to restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and even our friends and family houses for dinner we all turned to the internet for community. The trends that came out on social media during the coronavirus were not only interesting but might give some…